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Is university of Sheffield hard to get into?

Is university of Sheffield hard to get into?

Oxford and Cambridge are notoriously hard to get into, and the lower down you go in the uni league tables, the easier it gets – or so you might think….Full list of UK university offer rates.

Rank University Offer rate
71 University of Salford 75.7\%
72 University of Huddersfield 75.9\%
73 University of Sheffield 76.2\%

Is university of Nottingham prestigious?

Nottingham is described by the Fulbright Commission as “one of the UK’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious universities”. In 2019, it ranked 126th among the universities around the world by SCImago Institutions Rankings.

Is University of Southampton good?

The University of Southampton has been named one of the top 100 universities in the world according to the QS university rankings. That means that this university is in the top 1\% of all the world’s educational institutions, which would therefore make a degree from here look highly attractive on your CV.

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How many students does Southampton University have?

The University of Southampton currently has 14,705 undergraduate and 7,960 postgraduate students, making it the largest university by higher education students in the South East region.

Is Nottingham University good for computer science?

The University of Nottingham has been ranked 7th for computer science by the Guardian University League Tables 2020. This success is largely due to high levels of student satisfaction with the course, teaching and feedback as well as the fantastic opportunities for our graduates.

Is Sheffield University good?

Its world-class universities The University of Sheffield is a world-top 100 university and a member of the prestigious Russell Group. Sheffield Hallam University was awarded the University of the Year for Teaching Quality in the Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide in 2020.

What is Southampton University best for?

Southampton is one of the first universities in the UK to be named an Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Education (ACE-CSE). The Gold Award complements the University’s existing status as a Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security Research, which it first obtained in 2012.