Is there any platform where I can share my feelings?

Is there any platform where I can share my feelings?

Vent is like a social diary, a place for you to express how you REALLY feel. Vent helps you connect to a fun, uplifting, positive, and understanding community, making it easy to share your feelings with people around the world and lift your mood! On Vent, you’re never alone.

Is it OK to not share your feelings?

More research has linked emotion suppression to higher rates of anxiety, insomnia, and other unhealthy outcomes. But while suppressing your emotions is often bad, experts say it can sometimes lead to better outcomes.

How do you not let your thoughts control your emotions?

Write it out. Expressing thoughts in writing may not change your frame of mind immediately, but it can help you improve control over unwanted feelings. The simple act of writing down a thought is often enough to reduce its intensity.

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Where can I post my thoughts anonymously?

The Complete Guide to Anonymous Apps

  • Secret. App Store description: “Secret is a new way to share what you’re thinking and feeling with your friends.”
  • Gossup. App Store description: “Gossup is social media unfiltered.”
  • Babbly.
  • Cloaq.
  • Viper.
  • Insider.
  • Mood.
  • Local Anonymous.

How do I stop sharing my feelings?

Mute. If an interaction with another person turns emotional, and leaving the situation is not an option, you might need to put yourself on “Mute.” In other words, stop speaking. Hitting Mute is helpful because, often, sharing your point of view when your partner is emotional won’t help the situation.

Should you share your feelings on social media?

Post when you’re emotional. If you’re angry, sad, or feeling any sort of negative emotions, it’s not the time to post on social media. Often people post in the heat of the moment and it only exacerbates a situation or gives people a negative perception of the person posting.

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Why you need to stop posting on social media?

By sharing our life in social media, we are vulnerable. We are defenseless against the judgements and comments. Some can be used to hurt us in the real life. If we can’t handle it, we should stop.

What happens when you share your feelings with someone?

When you share your feelings, you are connecting with that person. Mutually shared feelings also create a stronger connection. This connection allows you to unload some of the rocks and see your feelings from a different perspective. Now that that it is out of your mind, you have the ability to relax.

Why is it important to share your thoughts and feelings with others?

It allows for individuals to talk through their situation which may lead to a clearer mind. It also helps individuals to sort out their thoughts. Sharing your feelings with others also helps others understand you better. It helps to build a stronger connection between both parties. Did you find this post helpful?

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Should we share our sadness with others?

We are taught that if we share our sadness then others will think we are looking for attention. We are taught that if we share our happiness then we are conceited and self absorbed. We are taught to be guarded and trust no one. We are taught to mask our true feelings. We are taught to live an unhealthy lifestyle.

Why can’t I feel comfortable expressing my emotions?

Melissa A. Fabello, domestic violence prevention and sexuality educator, wrote for Everyday Feminism, “If you don’t think that your emotions have worth, then that’s going to be a huge barrier in feeling comfortable expressing them.”