Is my marriage valid in all states?

Is my marriage valid in all states?

Each state normally requires that couples obtain a marriage license. One state’s marriage license in itself has no legal validity in another state. However, most marriages performed in the United States are recognized across the country, as long as they do not violate federal or state laws.

Does Florida recognize Alabama marriage?

There is no exception to this law in any state. Once you are married in Florida or Alabama your marriage license is legal in any state.

What makes a marriage legal in Alabama?

Marriage Law Requirements for Alabama Marriage Certificate: Legal Age With Parental Consent: 16. Legal Age Without Parental Consent: 18. Same Sex Marriage: Yes. Waiting Period: None.

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Can you get a marriage license in Florida and get married in another state?

If you are an out of state resident you may obtain your Florida Marriage License by our using our Florida Marriage License By Mail program. Bride and Groom must have valid photo identification such as a driver’s license, state identification card, government or military identification card, or a passport.

What are the marriage laws in Florida?

Marriage Law Requirements for Florida Marriage Licenses: The legal age for marriage, with parent’s consent, is sixteen (16). The legal age for marriage without parental consent is eighteen (18) years of age. Same sex marriage is legal in the state of Florida. No blood tests are required.

Do I need to register my marriage in the US?

The United States has no national registration of marriages, foreign or domestic. U.S. states recognize marriages performed in other states and in other countries. If you are planning on getting married in another country, you will find helpful information on the U.S. State Department website.

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Can you get married in Alabama if you live in another state?

You may also obtain your Alabama Marriage License at any Probate Judge. Bride and Groom must have valid photo identification such as a driver’s license, state identification card, government or military identification card, or a passport. There is no waiting period for out of state residents.

Are marriage records public in Alabama?

Vital records and statistics for Alabama are handled by the Center for Health Statistics. They collect, archive and issue certified copies of birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates. By Alabama law, marriage and divorce records are not private and can be obtained freely by the public.

Is common law marriage legal in Florida?

Florida statute §741.211 makes common law marriages void in Florida. The statute says that any common law marriage entered into after 1967 is invalid. You could have lived together and claimed each other as spouses since January 2, 1968, but the State of Florida will not recognize the marriage.

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Who can legally marry a couple in Alabama?

Current law requires a minister, judge, retired judge or person otherwise authorized to perform a ceremony to sign the marriage license before it is recorded. Under the new law, the affidavit and forms constitute a legal marriage, as long as they are submitted within 30 days of being signed by the two parties.

Can you get a Florida marriage license online?

Our online marriage license service is easy to use, from completing the Florida Marriage License application form, supplying your Government-issued ID, and the online payment,- you will be well on your way to getting your wedding license.

How long is a fl marriage license good for?

for 60 days
After the Clerk issues the marriage license, the license is valid for 60 days. The marriage ceremony must be held within that 60 day timeframe to be valid.