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Is MBA good after BSC chemistry?

Is MBA good after BSC chemistry?

It is good idea to pursue MBA after BSc in chemistry because such a student has double advantage to go for any job which is normal for an MBA and in addition can get preference at par with BPharma students in pharmaceutical companies.

Which MBA is best after BSC chemistry?

Listed below are the prominent specialisations for those planning to pursue an MBA after BSc:

  • MBA in Hospitality Management.
  • MBA in Healthcare.
  • MBA in Healthcare Management.
  • MBA in Production Management.
  • MBA in Pharmaceutical Management.
  • MBA in Laboratory Management.
  • MBA in Biotechnology and Oil & Gas Management.

Which is better MSc chemistry or MBA?

moreover both has good scope but you should go with your interest. –>if you are interested in chemistry further then you should choose chemistry,and if you have more interest in buisness field then definitely you should go for MBA.

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Can we do MBA after MSc chemistry?

If you are not at all interested in Chemistry even after doing MSc., then you can go for MBA in the specialisation you like. With MSc Chemistry, there are jobs in pharmaceutical companies, industrial companies, manufacturing companies, etc.

Can I do MBA after MSC physics?

Originally Answered: Is it absurd to go for an MBA after a M.Sc in physics? Not at all. MBA is not just a PG degree that a graduate opts for in order to get a masters. It is opted by most candidates to get a boost in their career path and aim for the coveted senior management position.

Can I do MBA after M.Sc physics?

Can I do M.Sc and MBA together?

Yes, there can be several advantages to having both an MBA and an MSc. Great way to pursue two areas of interest: Since an MSc provides a scientific outlook, while an MBA gives a managerial outlook; you will have the opportunity to pursue two diverse areas of interest when you do a double degree.