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Is living in Luxembourg good?

Is living in Luxembourg good?

According to international surveys and rankings, Luxembourg is among the top 20 countries which offer the highest quality of living worldwide. This is not only due to the natural environment and the cosy small-town flair, but also to the safety, to the political and economic stability of the country.

Is it expensive to live in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is a relatively expensive city to live in. The cost of housing, food, and clothing all add up and these will be the most expensive payments you have every month. Luxembourg City is the capital and it is a popular place to live, which can bring high prices.

What is it like to live in Luxembourg City?

The cost of living in Luxembourg is fairly high compared with many of its European neighbours, so much so that it is typical for locals to head across the borders to Belgium, France and Germany to buy electrical equipment and luxury items. The majority of expats live in or around the country’s capital, Luxembourg City.

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Is anyone poor in Luxembourg?

While Luxembourg is a wealthy European country, some of its people still live in poverty. In 2015, one in five citizens – 19 percent – lived under the threat of poverty. Unfortunately, there has been an uptick in the Luxembourg poverty rate since 2003, when the rate was 15.8 percent.

Are Luxembourg friendly?

Even though Luxembourg is part of the European Union, Luxembourgers have strong national pride and they value their independence and autonomy. Personal values revolve around modesty, friendship, and above all family.

Is there homeless in Luxembourg?

Bordered by Germany, France, and Belgium, Luxembourg is home to over half a million people, 24\% of whom face the daily threat of homelessness. Although Luxembourg is a small country, it is also one of the wealthiest countries in the European Union.

What are the benefits of living in Luxembourg?

High salaries.

  • Very safe.
  • Clean.
  • Free public transport across the entire country.
  • Very efficient public transport when it’s not rush hour.
  • Cheap petrol/diesel.
  • Low income tax (the tax rate itself is similar to other European countries, but the savings are made by the huge amount of tax-deductible elements)
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    Is it easy to get a job in Luxembourg?

    Working in Luxembourg has its benefits as a multi-lingual portal to the EU. Finding jobs in Luxembourg can be easier than other European countries: Amazon, Skype, Apple, and PayPal are some international companies with a European office here.