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Is it good time to visit Kasol in July?

Is it good time to visit Kasol in July?

Summer Season in Kasol Summer (March to June): The pleasing weather with temperatures not dropping below 15 degrees, summer is the best time to visit Kasol. You will see tourists from all over the world this time who make Kasol home during these months. You can do a lot of treks but it gets very crowded during summers.

Does it rain in Kasol in July?

Kasol weather in July // weather averages. 7.1 mm | 0.3 inch.

Can I visit Tosh in July?

Tosh in July and August | Tosh in Monsoon Hence monsoons here are considered off-season in terms of tourism. It can be a little perilous for hiking and trekking as trails might become slippery due to constant rain. But with a little caution and proper gear, this can be one of the best times to explore Tosh.

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Can we go Kheerganga in July?

The weather from July to September isn’t recommended Kheerganga trek weather at all. You’re sure to face landslides, slippery roads and road blockages that can hamper your trek entirely.

Can we visit Spiti valley in July?

Spiti Valley in June to July In June – July, mostly all the link roads to various sightseeing places in Spiti or remote villages in Spiti Valley also get open in this period. So, you can plan your visit to Langza, Hikkim, Komic, Demul, Lhalung, Pin Valley – Mudh Village, Gete, and Tashigang villages.

Can we visit Shimla in July?

Shimla is a year-round holiday destination popular with families and couples. Here’s a seasonal break up so you can plan your trip accordingly: July to September: This is not peak season in Shimla because of heavy rainfall and occasional landslides. But monsoon brings out the lush character of the hill station.

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Is Tosh worth going?

Famed for its hippie culture, Tosh draws tourists from all over the map and is well-suited for solo as well as group excursions. Located at an elevation of 2,400 m, this place is always a part of every traveller’s bucket list from both near and far, making it a frequent tourist destination.