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Is it bad to have the in domain name?

Is it bad to have the in domain name?

It’s a common myth, actually, that hyphens in domain names hurts your SEO. Similarly, it’s been suggested that domains that are too long don’t rank as well in search engines. There may be some correlation there, but there’s no indication of a causal link.

What should you not include in a domain name?

While you might need to make some compromises or get creative to find your perfect domain, there are five things you should never include in a domain name….5 Things to Never Include in a Domain Name

  1. Hyphens.
  2. Trademarks.
  3. Numbers.
  4. Hard-to-Spell Words.
  5. Homophones.

Can a domain name be only numbers?

Numbers and hyphens are the only symbols allowed in your domain name. Spaces and underscores are not allowed, along with the symbols listed below.

Can you buy a domain name you don’t use?

If the domain name you want is being used on a successful, actively maintained commercial website, chances are slim the owner will sell it to you. However, if the name is reserved but isn’t yet being used, you may be able to get your hands on it for a price you can afford. You can buy a domain name in a variety of ways.

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Should you pick a domain name that’s hard to remember?

Building on #3 and #4, picking a domain name that’s hard to remember is like not picking a domain name at all. If you want to grow your business by word of mouth marketing, it’s important for your website’s domain to be easily remembered. You know those great TV commercials that you can never remember what they’re for?

Does your domain name need to match your business name?

Of course, the ideal situation is to have your domain name match your business name. If you’re just starting your business and haven’t yet decided on a business name, you may even want to adjust your business name to match available domains.

What happens if your Domain Name is too long?

The longer your domain name, the more likely a person is to forget the address or to make a mistake when typing it in (see #3). In addition, when your domain name is too long it’s hard to print on business cards, sides of trucks, etc.