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Is Galgotias University good for placements?

Is Galgotias University good for placements?

It is a good university, and faculty members are good. It is an excellent campus. Placements: Software engineer, AI experts and many more roles offered by best companies like Infosys, Cognizant, TCS, Wipro and many more.

Which is better galgotia or GLA?

In this case, GLA University is better as compared to Galgotias University. Placements: Top core companies participate in the recruitment process at GLA like Wipro, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, etc. GLA provides the best returns in terms of placements.

Is Galgotias University good with placements?

After spending my 5 years in college I would say that the Galgotias university is not only good with placements but its infrastructure too. For getting into GU you should have 60\% or above in your XII. Overall I was completely satisfied with the college. To get admission at Galgotias University you need pay 1100 to submit you application.

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How is the Galgotias University of Hyderabad?

Galgotias University has a short past of 5 years and most of its constructions are still going on. It has 3 building blocks those are too not fully constructed. Classes run in such under constructing places where any time student get injured.

How can I get admission in the University of Galgotia without donation?

But if someone goes directly then they will take admission to the University of galgotia, this needs to be taken care of. one can also take a direct admission minimum of 60\% marks with no donation. but they won’t give IT/CS without donation in case of direct admissions. Through the Upsee exam, one can get whatever is allotted.

Which one is better Lloyd Law College or Galgotia University?

It is because Lloyd Law College is affiliated with CCS University, Meerut, while Galgotia University is a private university, However, since Galgotia University is a private university, the amenities it provides are better than Lloyd Law College. Galgotia also has a higher course fee.