Is Davao Medical School Foundation good?

Is Davao Medical School Foundation good?

Professors are really great and are very helpful. Its really a good choice choosing Davao Medical School Foundation. The people around here are very friendly and helpful. Laboratories are good and practical classes are conducted frequently.

Is Davao Medical College government or private?

Davao Medical School is situated in Davao city which is one among top 3 major cities in the Philippines. It is considered as one of the chief city of Mindanao….Davao Medical College – Overview.

Established: 1976
Medium of Instruction: English
Duration Of Study: 5 Years and 8 Months
Institution Type: Private

How much is the tuition fee in Davao Medical School Foundation?

Tuition fee at Davao Medical School Foundation is just Rs. 3.57 lakhs/year! In addition, Davao Medical School Foundation fee structure provides a great campus experience and a world-class medical education at such a low tuition fee – just 22.28 lakhs for the entire period of 5.5 years!

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Why are there so many Indians in Davao?

The influx of Indian medical students here in Davao City has been quite noticeable over the past few years. Some will look at this as a manifestation of Davao’s status is terms of the quality education and good living conditions it has to offer to these foreigners who come to the city.

What barangay is Davao Medical School Foundation?

barangay 19-b

Tourist spot of barangay 19-b
FS Dizon Elementary School
Davao Medical School Foundation

How many Indian live in Philippines?

50,000 Indians
There are around 50,000 Indians living in the Philippines, according to the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs website.