How old is the laughing cavalier?

How old is the laughing cavalier?

The Laughing Cavalier (1624) is a portrait by the Dutch Golden Age painter Frans Hals in the Wallace Collection in London, which has been described as “one of the most brilliant of all Baroque portraits”….

Laughing Cavalier
Artist Frans Hals
Year 1624
Medium Oil on canvas
Dimensions 83 cm × 67.3 cm (33 in × 26.5 in)

Why is the laughing cavalier called the Laughing Cavalier?

Sometimes described as one of the greatest portrait paintings of the Baroque, The Laughing Cavalier received its name from the Victorian critics who attended the inaugural exhibition of the Bethnal Green Museum in 1872–75, where the work was first put on display to the public.

Where is the original Laughing Cavalier?

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The Wallace Collection
Laughing Cavalier/Locations

What is unique about the portrait of the figure in Hals Laughing Cavalier?

The man’s confident pose with his left hand on the hip, and his upturned hat and moustache, imbue the portrait with a unique vitality. The black sash is particularly noteworthy as it showcases Hals’s dazzling capacity to paint quickly and convincingly using a limited colour palette.

Who painted the laughing cavalier 1624?

Frans Hals’s
To conclude the Treasure of the Month series, this October we celebrate one of the best-loved paintings at the Wallace Collection, Frans Hals’s The Laughing Cavalier painted in 1624.

Where is the painting The Laughing Cavalier?

Who painted the world famous Laughing Cavalier?

Frans Hals
Artist: Frans Hals (c1580-1666) was the most famous painter in Haarlem in the Dutch Golden Age. He specialised in portraits of his contemporaries and ended up painting the governors and governesses of the almshouse where he spent his penniless old age.

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What year was the laughing cavalier painted?

Laughing Cavalier/Created