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How much oil does a Wagoner take?

How much oil does a Wagoner take?


Type In-line, Petrol, K-Series
Engine oil grade 5W-30
Oil & filter change interval 10,000 km / 1Yr
Engine oil capacity 2.9 Ltr

Which is the best engine oil for Maruti Wagon R?

Maruti Wagon R comes equipped with a 1.0-litre, 998cc, K series petrol engine, for this engine, semi synthetic engine oil 15W40 is best suited.

What is the engine capacity of Wagon R?

998 cc
Specifications of Maruti Wagon R The Petrol engine is 998 cc and 1197 cc while the CNG engine is 998 cc . It is available with Manual & Automatic transmission. Depending upon the variant and fuel type the Wagon R has a mileage of 20.52 kmpl to 32.52 km/kg .

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What is a K10B engine?

The K10B engine by Maruti Suzuki has redefined what you can expect from a petrol engine. It is engineered and tuned to offer a spirited driving experience and comes with benefits that are simply par excellence. To start with, the 1.0 L K10B is a petrol engine is refined, BS6 compliant , and quite responsive.

When should I change my Wagon R oil?

It is always recommended to change the engine oil and oil filter after every 10,000 Km.

What is engine oil capacity?

The required engine Oil capacity is not 1.2L or 1.5L that is the engine CC. Required oil is upto 5L depending on Petrol or Deisel variants.

What is the cost of engine oil?

Questions & Answers on Engine Oil

Brand Min Price Max Price
HP Rs 100/Litre Rs 150/Litre
Castrol Rs 105/Litre Rs 600/Litre

What is r in Wagon R?

The R in the name stands for Revolution and Relaxation. The Wagon R uses a “tall wagon” configuration to maximize cabin space within kei car dimensional restrictions. The Wagon R has been the best-selling kei car in Japan since 2003. In 2008, Suzuki produced its three-millionth Wagon R.

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Is K15B engine good?

The K15B engine follows the global design trends – it is lightweight, compact, and fuel-efficient. Despite a small displacement, in Suzuki Jimny, the K15B delivers strong low- and mid-range torque maintaining excellent off-road driving capability.