How is Irani chai different?

How is Irani chai different?

Irani Chai | TASTE. Irani chai is a unique form of tea unlike any other version of Indian chai, made by the addition of mawa or khoya to black tea. The result is a sweet and creamy chai—the addition of spices like cinnamon and green cardamom is optional.

Which is best tea powder in India?

10 Best Tea Powders in India

  1. Taj Mahal Tea.
  2. Vahdam Green Tea Powder.
  3. Red Label Tea.
  4. Kimono Japanese Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder.
  5. Nikunj Dhaba Special Tea.
  6. Brooke Bond Red Label Natural Care Tea.
  7. Tata Gemini Tea.
  8. Pure And Sure Organic Tea Powder.

Do they mix bone powder in Irani chai?

Irani tea (Irani chai) mostly seen in Hyderabad which is very tasty and strong compared to normal teas. Milk is thickly boiled and tea is prepared with a special formula of tea powder. There were allegations that bone powder used to get the thickness of the tea which gives consistency to the chai.

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How do I make Irani chai?


  1. Place water, tea powder, cardamom pods and sugar (if using) in a saucepan over high heat. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low.
  2. Meanwhile, place milk in another saucepan. Bring to a boil. Add condensed milk and heavy cream.
  3. Divide tea among four serving cups. Top with milk mixture. Serve immediately.

Which tea powder is strongest?

Buying Guide in a Snapshot

Brand Aroma Tea Form
Tata Agni Strong Powder
Brooke Bond Strong Dust
Vedaka Strong CTC & Long Leaves
Goodricke Good Whole Roasted Leaf

Which tea brand is the strongest?

Check out the Best Tea in India- 2021 (Reviews with Top Brands) and get the complete details of tea brands and varieties.

  • Tea Trunk.
  • Tata Tea Premium.
  • Taj Mahal Tea Bags.
  • Red Label Tea Brand.
  • Wagh Bakri Masala Instant Tea.
  • Lipton Tea Brand.
  • Tata Tetley 100.
  • Twinings Assam Tea Brand.