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How does the new Silverado invisible trailer work?

How does the new Silverado invisible trailer work?

Here’s how Chevy Invisible Trailer Camera works: Transparent trailering operates by putting a camera system to your truck’s back and your trailer’s back. Then the vehicle effortlessly integrates this in angles to provide one smooth vision. There are three front camera angles and four rear camera angles for the vehicle.

How does the camera make the trailer disappear?

How Does the Transparent Trailer System Really Work? The transparent view works by lining up images captured from the cameras on the back of the truck and the back of the trailer. Either way, the system detects the edges of the trailer box and outlines it to make the trailer disappear.

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How does the see through trailer camera work?

The see-through camera is included in the ProGrade Trailering Camera System offered by certain trucks. This transparent camera view works by lining up the images from the camera attached to the back of the trailer and the camera on the back of the truck. It then detects the edges of the trailer box and outlines it.

How does the truck see behind the trailer?

How does the invisible backup camera work?

The Transparent Trailer View on the 2020 Sierra HD relies on the tailgate-mounted camera and an available accessory camera mounted on the rear of the trailer. The system’s computer software processes those images from both cameras to make the trailer in tow virtually invisible.

How does GMC transparent trailer work?

These camera views are accessed through the GMC Infotainment System† What makes transparent trailer view unique, however, is it allows the driver to virtually “see through” the trailer. This helps you see traffic behind the trailer when it is being pulled in alignment with the truck.

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How does the truck camera see through the trailer?

What truck makes the trailer invisible?

Chevrolet Silverado
A: Invisible Trailer makes your trailer invisible from the inside of the truck when you look at the crisp image on the screen of your Chevrolet Silverado.