How do you make 2 Chloropropane?

How do you make 2 Chloropropane?

2-chloropropane also known as isopropyl choride could be prepared from propane and Cl2 in a reaction involving the formation of free radicals as intermediates during the reaction the reaction. This reaction requires either heating or UV light to occur. This reaction will also give 1-chloropropane as a by-product.

How do you convert ethane to Iodoethane?


  1. Iodoethane can be prepared by heating ethane with iodine in presence of iodic acid. CH3−CH3⏟Ethane+I2HIO3→CH3−CH2−I⏟Iodoethane+HI.
  2. Iodoethane can also be prepared by reacting ethene with hydrogen iodide.
  3. Similarly, iodoethane can also be obtained by heating ethanol with iodine in presence of red phosphorous.

How does ethane become Bromoethane?

Ethane is converted to bromoethene by first reacting ethane with bromine in presence of U.V light to form bromoethane. Then bromoethane is reacted with alcoholic potassium hydroxide to form ethene.

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What type of compound is 2-Chloropropane?

Isopropyl chloride

Preferred IUPAC name 2-Chloropropane
Other names Chlorodimethylmethane, isopropyl chloride, 2-propyl chloride, sec-propyl chloride, 2-chloropropane
CAS Number 75-29-6

How can you tell the difference between 1 Chloropropane and 2-Chloropropane?

They can be distinguished by first converted them to alcohol by reaction with aq. NaOH, followed by Iodoform test. 2-propanol formed after reaction between 2-chloropropane and aq. NaOH will give positive iodoform test.

How do you make ethene from iodoethane?

Preparation of ethene from Iodoethane is represented as:

  1. A. CH3​CH2​I+KOH→C2​H2​+KI+H2​O.
  2. B. CH3​CH2​I+3KOH→C2​H4​+3KI+H2​O.
  3. C. CH3​CH2​I+KOH→C2​H4​+KI+H2​O.
  4. D. CH3​CH2​I+KOH→C2​H6​+KI+H2​O.

How is ethanol converted into iodoethane?

When ethanol reacts with hydrogen iodide, it results in the substitution of alcoholic group with iodine, and leads to the formation of iodoethane or ethyl iodide.

How do you convert bromoethane to ethene?

Just add alcoholic NaOH to Bromoethane there will be eliminated reaction and yu will get Ethene .