How do you deal with losing in fighting games?

How do you deal with losing in fighting games?

Turn the loss into something silly and try to laugh it off. Try your best to make fun of the situation instead of the other player. Look forward to playing this person again in casuals or another tournament and try again to beat them. Through this loss, you may have found a new rival or a new friend.

Why do I get so angry at fighting games?

The frustration you’re hitting is likely happening because you allow yourself to think that you’re a better player than your mistakes indicate. It’s a pretty common ego defense tool; blame the lag, blame the game for being dumb because it didn’t yield the outcome you thought should happen, whatever.

Are Fighting games really that hard?

The reason why fighting games are so hard is because there’s depth in the game. You have different characters with different moves. And you also have different frame data for each character as well. What makes it “easy” is that all you’re doing is pressing a bunch of buttons in perfect time execution.

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What is the most played fighting game?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Fighting Games Leaderboard

# Name Hours Streamed
1 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 31,681
2 Super Smash Bros. Melee 4,923
3 Street Fighter V 10,315
4 Tekken 7 14,126

Are Fighting Games stressful?

“Grandmasters in competition are subjected to a constant torrent of mental stress. While Chess and Street Fighter may not be apples to apples experiences, there’s no doubt fighting game pros go through immense levels of stress while trying to thwart each other on the main stage.

Are fighting games hard to master?

Fighting games have a reputation for being hard. Like insanely difficult. You play the tutorial and finish single-player campaigns. You’re willing to give the game a chance, but there is so much to learn—neutral, anti-airs, frame data, and more.