How do you chit chat with someone?

How do you chit chat with someone?

9 chit chat tips to start a smooth business conversation

  1. Show your interest.
  2. Body language.
  3. Watch and learn!
  4. Silence might not be a bad sign.
  5. Limit the conflict.
  6. Discuss local news.
  7. People love good humor, but don’t forgive bad one.
  8. Always close a small talk.

What do you say to someone you’re talking to?

13 Conversation Starters That Will Get You Talking With Someone You Admire

  • ‘I really like your work.”
  • “I really enjoyed your presentation.”
  • “I liked what you wrote in your last blog post.”
  • “I found further information about something you’re interested in.”
  • “Where did you get the idea for…?”

How do you start a conversation on Facebook without being awkward?


  1. Make a positive comment or ask a question about the situation you’re in.
  2. Ask basic “getting to know you” questions about them and share a bit about yourself.
  3. Ask what they do or what they are interested in so you can discover mutual interests.
  4. If you find a mutual interest, talk about that!
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How do you talk to new friends?

Ways To Start A Conversation With New People

  1. Give the other person a compliment. Compliments may see tricky at first glance but there is a right way to do it.
  2. Ask about the other person’s commute.
  3. Ask about their choice of drink or food.
  4. Talk about the location you are in.
  5. Learn to pick up visual queues.

How do you master chit chat?

Because chitchat is part of life, some tips for introverts.

  1. Find a reason to do it.
  2. Don’t sweat it.
  3. Don’t fight it.
  4. Listen for opportunities.
  5. Bail when you need to.
  6. Take a breath.
  7. Fake it.

How do you become a master at small talk?

At a Loss for Words? 10 Ways to Master the Art of Small Talk

  1. Relax and be present in the conversation.
  2. Read a lot.
  3. Be interested in things to be interesting.
  4. Ask thoughtful questions, and then follow up.
  5. Ask questions and listen.
  6. Ask about a person’s life, not their job.
  7. Learn their story.
  8. Externalize your focus.