How do K-pop groups get their names?

How do K-pop groups get their names?

K-pop group names are as diverse as the music made by different groups. You’ll see names that combine letters and numbers, acronyms and much more. Some group names also just make use of the initials of members’ names. They also tend to carry a lot of meaning, for members as well as their fans.

How is a K-pop group formed?

The music groups are formed from a group of people who are all particularly talented in at least one of the following: singing, rapping, and dancing. These idols often enter the entertainment company in their teens and then train hard for years in areas like singing, rapping, dancing, and foreign language.

Who chooses the name of the K-pop group?

How? They normally have a whole marketing team, styling team etc to sit down and talk about the concept of the group. Based on the concept of the group and what the group is going to bring to the stage – their name is formed. For example, iKON’s name was chosen by YG himself.

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How do you choose a K-pop group name?

You can even choose an acronym with multiple meanings to give your group a sense of mystery and depth. Use English words. Most popular K-pop groups have names that either include English or translate well into English, such as Stray Kids, Twice, Red Velvet, and Dreamcatcher.

What are some Kpop groups that used to be popular?

Kpop Group Names Of Once Popular Groups . Here are some names of Kpop groups that used to be popular at some point in time but are not so mainstream now. 71. KARA – K-pop girl group active between 2007 and 2016. ‍ 72. JBJ – boy group active between 2017 and 2018. 73. MADTOWN – one of the Kpop boy groups active between 2014 and 2017. 74.

What are some popular Kpop fandom names?

If you want to know more about a fandom name, you may be interested in Kpop fandom names or maybe these Korean girl names will interest you. Seo Taiji And Boys debuted in 1992 as the first Kpop group ever. Today there are many more popular groups. Check the list out for inspiration. 1. AB6ix – five member group formed by Brand New Music.

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Why do K-pop groups have weird and strange names?

There are so many famous K-pop groups like Seventeen, Red Velvet, BTS, 2NE1 etc. These names might look quirky and strange but they have deep logic behind them. For Example, 2Ne1 means ‘To Anyone’. These types of names not only gain attention from audience quickly but also creates a unique image of the group.