How do I prepare for campus placement ZS Associates?

How do I prepare for campus placement ZS Associates?


  1. Quantitative Aptitude – 15 Questions where 2 Questions carry extra points and are Star Marked.
  2. Verbal Ability – 15 Questions.
  3. Data Interpretation – 5 Questions with 3 sub questions in each thus 15 Questions.
  4. Logical Reasoning – 15 Questions.

Does ZS Associate hire off campus?

ZS Associates hires through both On Campus as well as Off Campus.

How many teams participate in ZS campus beats?

A few weeks later, the results were announced and two teams from NIT Rourkela were ranked in top 100 out of 2700+ participating teams….Three Feats At The Campus Beats: PPO Journey At ZS Associates.

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The Wit Club Excelsior
Arnav Katiyar (CH) Shriya Aishwarya Pati (EE)
Simran Chauhan (CH) Shubham Ranjan Sahoo (ME)
Shambhavi Singh (CH) Jagannath Pandit (EE)

Is getting into Zs easy?

It is fairly easy. After that u are given with a case study question in the next round. After that CV probe and guesstimate and at last an interview with top management, an HR round.

Is calculator allowed in ZS aptitude test?

ZS Online Test is auto administered. No Add-ons like Skype, Calculator etc are allowed in the exam.

What does DAA in ZS do?

Decision Analytics Associate (DAAs) are active participants in creating and delivering solutions for our clients and project teams. DAAs leverage their analytic skills to derive insights and solve problems. In particular, DAAs employ advanced analytic techniques in areas such as modeling, simulation and optimization.

Who founded ZS Associates?

Prabhakant Sinha
Andris A. Zoltners

ZS was founded in 1983 by Andris Zoltners and Prabhakant (Prabha) Sinha, two Ph. D.

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What is ZS campus beats?

Campus Beats is ZS’s flagship university engagement program, where we conduct a series of interactive sessions such as Webinars, Discussions with industry experts and Case Challenges, all in an attempt to make applicants ready and prepared to apply to ZS process.

What do you know about ZS Associates?

ZS Associates, founded by Andris Zoltners and Prabhakant Sinha in 1983, is sales and marketing consulting and outsourcing firm headquartered in Evanston, Illinois, US. The firm also provides staff augmentation & technology services for clients primarily in the Pharmaceutical Industry.