How can you convert the following acetone to propene?

How can you convert the following acetone to propene?

Acetone to can be converted to propene by reducing acetone with NaBH​4 to form 2-propanol followed by dehydrohalogenation using alc. KOH.

How do you convert acetone?

Steps to convert acetone to ethanol

  1. Acetone is reduced to propan-2-ol in the presence of a compound called Lithium Alumanuide ( ).
  2. Propan-2-ol is heated with concentrated sulfuric acid due to which water molecule from it is removed and yields propene.

How do you convert propene to propanol?

To convert propene to propan-1-ol, we will use the method of reaction of propene with peroxide. Complete step-by-step answer: Reaction of alkene with hydrogen halide in presence of peroxide results Anti Markovnikov’s addition.

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How do you make propanone from propene?

Propanone is converted to 2-propanol on reduction by metal hydride in ether followed by dehydration to form propene.

How do you convert acetone to propane?

we can convert acetone in to propane by reduction using Zn/Hg/HCl . This is known as Clemmensen’s reduction. CH3-CO-CH3 IN presence of that reagent the CO group convert in to CH2. then it become CH3-CH2-CH3.

How is chloroform converted to acetone?

– Acetone is a ketone and chloroform is an alkyl halide. So, from acetone we need to remove one acetyl group and two hydrogen atoms and add three chlorine atoms to get chloroform.

What is the formula of acetone?

Acetone Formula and Structure The chemical formula of acetone is CH3COCH3 and its condensed formula is C3H6O. The molar mass of acetone is 58.08 g mol-1.

What reagent converts propane to propanol?

Explanation: Propene adds to diborane (B2H6) giving an addition product. The addition compound on oxidation gives 1-propanol. Here addition of water takes place according to anti-Markownikoff’s rule.

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How do you make propane from propanone?

Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids Convert propanone into propane. On reaction with Zn and HCl propanone produce propane. An organic compound contains 69.77\% carbon, 11.63\% hydrogen and rest oxygen. The molecular mass of the compound is 86.

How do you convert propene to Propyne?

Propene is converted to propyne by reacting carbon tetrachloride to form 1, 2-dibromopropane which reacts with sodium amide and liquid ammonia to form propyne.