How can I recruit in UAE?

How can I recruit in UAE?

You can search for a job by registering on job portals, attending online job fairs, looking through classifieds and signing up with recruitment agencies.

  1. Register on job portals.
  2. Emirates Job Bank (EJB)
  3. National training platform (
  4. Virtual Labour Market.
  5. Online portal for Emirati freelancers.

Which is best job site in UAE?


  • LINKEDIN.COM. is one of the top job sites to help people to find jobs in Dubai and other emirates.
  • GULFTALENT.COM. One of the leading job sites in Dubai is Gulf Talent.

How can I earn money online in UAE?

19 ways to make money online in Dubai, UAE

  1. Online Tuitions. Taking online tuitions is one of the best ways to make money.
  2. Blogging. Blogging is the current trend on the internet.
  3. Photography.
  4. Freelancer.
  5. Fitness Instructor.
  6. Mobile applications.
  7. Arts and Crafts.
  8. Ebooks.
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How do I know if a job offer is real in UAE?

The prospective employees/candidates can verify the job offer’s validity at the UAE embassy in their country. You can use the job offer number to verify employer’s validity at the MOHRE’s website (enquiry service – application status).

Are agencies good for jobs?

Employment agencies work directly with employers and often have a better idea of exactly what they’re looking for. They may also know of positions that you’d be unlikely to hear about on your own. Agencies can also help you be a better candidate. They want you to get the job—that’s how they get paid.

Which is the best recruitment agency in Dubai for employees?

1. BAC Executive Recruitment 2. Michael Page 3. Minefield Resources 4. Guildhall 5. Nathan & Nathan 6. Salt Recruitment Recruitment agencies usually charge the employer 10\% to 20\% of the employee’s annual salary for their first year. Meanwhile, it is illegal in Dubai for recruitment agencies to charge the employee for job placement.

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Why executive recruitment in Dubai by basebac?

BAC Executive Recruitment has 42 years of experience in providing recruitment services in Dubai and the rest of the Middle East. With their tried-and-tested system, they help companies get the best job candidates for assistant to executives positions. Their experienced recruitment consultants guarantee that their process is quick and seamless.

Is it illegal to hire a recruitment agency in UAE?

As per UAE labor law, it is illegal for a recruitment agency to charge any type of fee for finding you a job; recruiters typically get their commission from the employer and not the employee. It is also illegal for an agency to ask you to pay for your visa, which is the employer’s responsibility.

How is Dubai’s job market evolving?

With its strategic location and its reputation for being the hub of the Middle East, Dubai’s job market is constantly evolving with new businesses being set up every day.