How can I join Indian Air Force after mechanical engineering?

How can I join Indian Air Force after mechanical engineering?

UES Entry: University Entry Scheme is meant for engineering student of pre final year, for the technical branch of IAF….How To Join Indian Air Force After Engineering.

Exam type Written exam followed by SSB for successful candidates.
Age 20 to 26 years (at the time of commencement of course)
Notification date December (Approx.)
Commission type Permanent commission

Can mechanical engineer write Afcat?

A big YES. A mechanical engineer can become Ground Duty technical officer. They also have a chance of getting into flying duty. One should appear for AFCAT (Air Force common admission test) and EKT (Engineering Knowledge Test) to get into Ground Duty technical branch.

What can a mechanical engineer do in the Air Force?

From roads to buildings, when something needs to be constructed on an Air Force base, it needs to be done with skill and precision. Responsible for planning and managing construction projects, Engineering specialists ensure that every base has the facilities and structures they need to keep operating successfully.

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Can BCA student apply for Afcat?

Yes! a BCA graduate can take AFCAT exam provided the degree is recognized. If you are selected for GDOC or flying branch, He/She will be eligible to apply for both Ground Duty and Flying branches , you need a graduate degree ( min. 3 years). In your case BCA will do.

Does the Air Force Want mechanical engineers?

Any training in mechanical engineering is going to serve you well in the armed forces. A B.E. in mechanical engineering prepares you for a myriad of potential roles in the Air Force. A bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, however, qualifies you to be an officer.

Does the Air Force offer mechanical engineering?

There are incredible mechanical engineering systems in aerospace and automotive hardware, power generation facilities and manufacturing.