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How can I decorate my bedroom with shabby chic?

How can I decorate my bedroom with shabby chic?

When decorating your shabby chic bedroom, adding some floral decor is never a bad idea. This vintage frame is the perfect complement to a fabric or fresh floral arrangement. For a simple look, use white paint and an arrangement of white flowers, then add a homey quote for an added coziness factor.

What colors are considered shabby chic?

Choosing The Perfect Shabby Chic Paint Colours

  • Chalky White.
  • Clotted Cream.
  • Hot Cup Of.
  • Antique Champagne Gold.
  • Metallic Gunmetal.
  • Metallic pink, purple, blue and green.
  • Nautical blue.
  • Dusky Pink.

What is rustic chic decor?

Color Scheme Rustic chic decor tends to go heavy on white and warm greys. This aesthetic embraces nature, so look for comforting, earthy colors like pale greens and soft browns when you’re craving a pop of color.

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Is Cottage core the same as shabby chic?

Main Differences Between Cottagecore and Shabby Chic Cottagecore generally deals with daily fabrics which are light in colour, having gingham dining textiles. On the other hand, Shabby Chic fabric deals with linen or materials appearing like linen which gives a lived-in or worn look.

What is modern chic decor?

In the design world, chic interior design typically means elegant, fashionable and trendy. There is no single definition of a “chic design” meaning. Although the word has French origins, chic can be used to describe practically any style with a casual, understated look that is still hip, fresh, updated and modern.

What style is distressed furniture?

Distressed furniture is often perceived as having a shabby chic style and you can expect to see it in rustic, vintage, industrial but also Nordic or contemporary interior decors.

How to make your bedroom look chic?

Slip Covers. Thinking about how can the slipcovers help?

  • Painted Furniture Options. Apart from having the option of the slipcovers,you can also opt to color up the furniture in one color.
  • The Fabrics. The bed sheets,the cushions,the blankets,the curtains,and similar other accessories are the life of a bedroom.
  • Unique Lighting.
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    How to decorate shabby chic?

    – Use old shutters in place of a headboard. – Place a big bass drum set on its side to make a whimsical bedside table. – Repurpose an antique chair to hold your bedside lamp. – Try a stretch of picket fencing or a decorative iron gate for a bed footboard.

    Is shabby chic still trendy?

    Shabby chic styling is still prevalent today thanks to interior magazines and the world’s newfound quest to recycle. It is still on trend to embrace shabby chic elements for your humble abode. Many people see shabby chic as a rather ethereal style of decor.

    How to do shabby chic?

    Prepare the wood – Remove the existing wood finish to create a key so your new paintwork will stick properly to the surface.

  • Apply a coat of water-based acrylic primer – This simply gives your furniture a smoother finish,making it easier to work on.
  • Apply two layers of paint – Next you need a couple of thin layers of coloured water-based acrylic paint. Let the first layer dry completely before adding the next one.
  • If you just want plain,painted wood,just seal the paint with acrylic varnish then skip to Step 8 below. Then you’re done. But there’s more.
  • Distressing your painted wooden furniture – Distressing furniture also involves the first Steps 1&2 above.
  • Add your first colour and let it dry completely. Now for the clever bit. You simply dab streaks of clear furniture wax where you want the wood to look distressed.
  • Not distressed enough? You can attack the pre-painted furniture with wire wool or sandpaper,scrape it with a large nail or even bash it with a hammer to take off
  • And finally…the finish – All you need is a good quality clear beeswax polish or furniture polish.