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How can I convince my parents to let me get a boy haircut?

How can I convince my parents to let me get a boy haircut?

Ask them if you can make an appointment and ask to have one or both of your parents join you at the hair salon to provide their inputs to the stylist during the process of getting your hair cut and styled. This way they will feel as if their inputs will be considered by you and by the stylist.

Should I cut my hair short Quora?

Originally Answered: Should I cut my hair short? If your hair is very long then It might be good to get it cut to your shoulders Your wavy hair will still wave and you will look younger. If you get it to that length and you want to try something else, then you can. A pixie would be too much of a change for right now.

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How do I convince my mom to let me get a haircut?

Respond to your parent’s concerns about the haircut.

  1. You should be willing to listen to your parents concerns and then respond to them politely.
  2. You may also tell your parents that you are old enough to get a haircut that you want and that they are going to have to trust your judgement on your appearance eventually.

How do I convince my mom to let me move out?

Don’t bring up your idea first thing in the morning or as soon as your mom get home from work. This will make her less likely to hear you out, since she won’t be ready to talk. Instead, find a calm time during the day to bring up the subject. Politely ask her if she has some time to talk to you before stating your case.

Why is it so hard to convince my mom?

Persuading your mom can be hard because she knows she has the final word — she’s the one in charge. If you really want to convince her of something, you need to plan out your argument well ahead of time, then present it to her maturely and with a respectful tone.

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How can I persuade my mother to do something?

To persuade your mother, you want to use every tool in your kit, and nonverbal communication is a very effective tool when it comes to persuading someone. Maintain eye contact — it shows her that you’re paying close attention, not letting your attention drift like you have better places to be.

How do I deal with my mother’s opinions on everything?

Be open-minded while she speaks. Your mother has a lot of life experience and loves you very much, so she’s probably just doing what she thinks is best for you. You don’t have to agree with her opinions, but you have to respect that she has them. Ask her to set her own conditions.