How big will a Husky Rottweiler mix get?

How big will a Husky Rottweiler mix get?

22 to 26 inches
Appearance, Personality, and Traits of a Rottweiler Husky Mix

Weight Male: 22 to 26 inches Female: 20 to 24 inches
Height Male: 75 to 95 pounds Female: 55 to 80 pounds
Size Large
Coat Type Medium to Long in Length, Normal density, Straight in Texture

How much does a Rottsky cost?

The Rottsky is a relatively new breed, and as such there are very few breeders around, and this is a big factor when it comes to the pricing of pups. The price of a Rottsky will start from, on average, $600 and can reach into the thousands of dollars.

Are Rottskys good dogs?

Rottweilers are known to be excellent guard dogs and Rottskies often follow suit. They can be incredibly loyal and protective of their family. If socialized and trained from a young age, Rottskies can be great with kids. They’ll always be a bit apprehensive of guests though, particularly strangers.

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How big do Rottskies get?

Rottsky Size and Weight

Height (Male) 22-26” Tall
Height (Female) 20-24” Tall
Weight (male) 75-95 lbs., fully grown
Weight (female) 55-80 lbs., fully grown

Are Rottskys aggressive?

Rottsky Temperament While Siberian Huskies are generally sociable with other dogs, this crossbreed may on occasion develop aggression towards other dogs due to the Rottweiler heritage, particularly with dogs of the same sex, and they have a high prey drive and may chase cats and other small animals.

What does a Rottsky look like?

Rottsky Breed Appearance They have almond-shaped eyes that are most often a dark brown, although they can inherit blue or heterochromic eyes from the Husky, and although both parent breeds have ears that are triangular in shape, the Rottweiler’s ears fold down close to the sides and the Husky’s ears stand erect.

What is a good Husky mix?

Husky Mix Breeds

  • Pitsky (Husky and Pitbull Terrier)
  • Gerberian Shepsky (Husky and German Shepherd)
  • Cusky (Husky and Corgi)
  • Rottsky (Husky and Rottweiler)
  • Alusky (Husky and Alaskan Malamute)
  • Pomsky (Husky and Pomeranian)
  • Hug (Husky and Pug)
  • Goberian (Husky and Golden Retriever)