Do Europeans eat cereal for breakfast?

Do Europeans eat cereal for breakfast?

In most European countries, a staple of breakfast is breads. Usually simple bread, just a slice of a nice rustic or bakery loaf. Pastries, cold and hot, are also common breakfast items. Porridges and cereals have become quite common, though breakfast cereals are usually plain rather than sweet.

Is cereal popular in Europe?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for many people in Europe. For the Irish, toast and porridge are the most frequently eaten breakfast products, although cereals come in third place. The large majority of the Dutch eat bread or crackers for breakfast, although dairy is popular too.

What country consumes the most breakfast cereal?

The countries with the highest consumption were the U.S. (14.7 million tonnes), China (9.3 million tonnes), Russia (8.7 million tonnes), the UK (6.2 million tonnes), Germany (5.2 million tonnes), Egypt (4.6 million tonnes) and Italy (3.9 million tonnes), together accounting for approximately 41\% of global consumption.

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Is breakfast cereal popular in other countries?

Today, it’s still one of most popular American breakfasts, but it has grown to become baby food, a midnight snack, and even dinner when the dining halls are a miss. But given the diversity of food around the world, Cheerios and Frosted Flakes can’t be only cereals sitting in the supermarket aisles of all 196 countries.

Do British eat cereal?

The average British adult will eat half a ton of cereal and 1,267 litres of milk for breakfast during the course of their lifetime, according to a new study. And people are pouring 404 millilitres over their cereal every week, which works out to be 21,008ml a year, and 1.2ml over six decades.

Do they eat cereal in UK?

Breakfast cereals are a popular choice for morning meals in Britain. A multitude of cereal brands are consumed by millions of British consumers each year. Kellogg’s alone could be found on 15 million British kitchen tables. About 580 million kilograms of breakfast cereals were eaten in the UK.

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What country is cereal most popular?

Based on a comparison of 158 countries in 2013, Morocco ranked the highest in cereal consumption per capita with 254 kg followed by Egypt and Lesotho. On the other end of the scale was Rwanda with 46.8 kg, Central African Republic with 62.0 kg and Congo with 64.9 kg.

What country is famous for cereal?

China is the top country by cereal production in the world. As of 2018, cereal production in China was 612 million metric tons that accounts for 20.66\% of the world’s cereal production.

When did breakfast cereal become popular?

Kellogg began the breakfast cereal marketing and introduced the first in-box prize in the early 1900s. Quaker Oats entered the market with Puffed Rice and Wheat Berries it had introduced at the 1904 World Fair, with raw grains shot with hot compressed air from tubes, popping up to many times their size.