Do CBI officers earn during training?

Do CBI officers earn during training?

If any candidates have switched to CBI from any other central government department then they are entitled to get HRA as per rules. If any candidates have joined CBI as a fresh recruit then they are not entitled to get HRA in salary during the training period.

How long is CBI training?

Training Duration
Institutional Training with CBI Academy (Phase 1) 7 months (28 Weeks)
Attachment with Local Police 9 Weeks
Attachment with CBI Branch 9 Weeks
Institutional Training with CBI Academy (Phase 2) 10 Weeks

What is the maximum age to join CBI?

Age Limit to become a CBI Officer: The age limit to apply for Sub-Inspector in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is 20-30 years. 20-30 years for General Category, 20-33 years for OBC category, 20-35 years for SC / ST category.

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Is CBI a good job for girls?

SI in CBI is the best job for a girl. They are treated with due care and delicacy. They are not given the field work nor are they sent on tours generally if they don’t wish so. With the recent feminism fever kicking in, even Senior officers fear offending girl candidates in any way.

Which subject is best for CBI officer?

It is good to see that you are interested in knowing the process to join CBI at such a young age.

  • Step 1- Focus on the task ahead and clear 12th class with any stream be it arts, commerce or science.
  • Step 2- Graduate (BA,B.Com,B.Tech or any other under-grad degree will do)
  • What is the name of the @CBI Academy in Ghaziabad?

    CBI academy is an institution which is spread in the 8-acre campus in the central Ghaziabad, in Nehru Nagar at Hapur road.

    What are the training options available to CBI officers?

    The institutional training to the CBI Officers is mostly imparted at the CBI Academy, Ghaziabad. It is supplemented by conducting some specialised courses at regional level and also by in situ training programmes at the branch level and need based training to individual officers at reputed institutions of India and abroad.

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    What is the training centre of CBI in Delhi?

    The CBI also runs a special training centre at Lok Nayak Bhawan, New Delhi. CBI academy conducts Basic Training Programme for Dy. SsP (Probationers)/SI (Cadets).

    How to join CBI or any government secret services in India?

    How to enter in CBI or Any Government Secret Services in India. What are the qualification and skills are required. It depends on what kind of role you are expecting in the government ‘Secret Agency’. The criteria is general and as per industrial standard for the post of analyst, inspector, operations, etc.