Can you still play evolve?

Can you still play evolve?

On September 3, 2018, the game’s dedicated servers were shut down, though the game remains playable with peer-to-peer connection using Legacy Evolve.

Did the Evolve servers shut down?

Evolve’s dedicated servers will be shutting down on September 3, 2018. Peer-to-peer multiplayer will still be available in Legacy Evolve on PC and console, and we’d like to stress that all players will retain all purchased DLC content, such as Hunters, Monsters, and skins.

Is Evolve 2 dead?

Servers for Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve will be shutting down this September, publisher 2K announced. Evolve Stage 2, the free-to-play PC version of the title, will no longer be available, while features such as the in-game shop, the leaderboard and ranked games will disappear as well.

Is Evolve DLC free?

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Evolve goes free on PC as a beta today, 7th July. Anyone who owns classic Evolve will be given “founder” status in the new free version, and all the content you already own comes with you to the new version. Actually all DLC can be unlocked for free.

Is Evolve dead on ps4?

2K Games have announced that they are shutting down the servers for Turtle Rock Studios’ Evolve. The first-person shooter’s dedicated servers are set to go down on September 3, 2018 on both consoles and PC.

Does Evolve Lan still work?

Evolve is being discontinued and merging into a rival virtual LAN client and social network created by the developers of XSplit and Challonge. Features of Evolve such as messaging, recording, and streaming will still be available.

Is Evolve dead?

Turtle Rock Studios’ shooter never reached the same highs as Left 4 Dead, and now 2K Games is shutting down the title’s servers. The first-person shooter’s dedicated servers are set to go down on September 3, 2018 on both consoles and PC. …

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When did Evolve come out?

February 10, 2015Evolve / Initial release date

Can I play Evolve offline?

Which may lead you to wonder if Evolve can be played offline, all by your lonesome—and the answer to that question is yes, it most definitely can. The ability to play solo “was always part of the plan,” Chris Ashton of Turtle Rock Studios explained on the Evolve website.

Who owns Evolve PC?

Arion Smith – Chief Executive Officer – Evolve PCs | LinkedIn.