Can you play as Devil Kazuya in Tekken 7?

Can you play as Devil Kazuya in Tekken 7?

Tekken 7: How to unlock Devil Kazuya You need to choose Kazuya Mishima and transform into Devil Kazuya in the middle of a match. You can do this by triggering the Devil mode by utilizing Kazuya’s Rage Art (press R1 on PS4 or RB on Xbox One), and he’ll transform into Devil Kazuya for a short time.

Is Kazuya The Devil Jin?

It is the devil counterpart of Kazuya Mishima and later Jin Kazama, after it was split in two when Kazuya was cast into a volcano at the end of Tekken 2. Though multiple characters have a ‘devil’, only the iteration within Kazuya has been historically referred to as ‘Devil’.

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How did Kazuya become a devil?

Kazuya gained the Devil Gene as part of a pact between himself and “Devil,” exchanging his soul for the power to defeat Heihachi Mishima. Devil would pass on the Devil Gene and some of his power to Kazuya’s son, Jin.

Is Jin related to Kazuya?

Jin is the son of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama, the grandson of Heihachi Mishima and Kazumi Mishima, the adoptive nephew of Lee Chaolan, the half-nephew of Lars Alexandersson, a relative to Asuka Kazama, and the great-grandson of Jinpachi Mishima.

How did Jin became Devil Jin?

During the climax of the third King Of Iron Fist Tournament, Jin was shot in the head by his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima. Healed by the Devil Gene within him, Jin resurrected as Devil Jin and made quick work of Heihachi and the Tekken Force guards that accompanied him.

Who is Jin dad Tekken?

Kazuya Mishima
Jin Kazama/Father

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Why did Kazuya turn evil?

Tekken 2 saw Kazuya’s true nature revealed in full. After killing his father (or so he thought), instead of bringing justice and honor to the Mishima Zaibatsu and righting the wrongs of his father, Kazuya repeated the corrupt practices of his father and turned it into an even much more ruthless and evil organization.

Is Jin and Devil Jin same?

Devil Jin incorporates moves from Jin’s Mishima fighting style, which makes him a stronger fighter than the regular Jin. Like Kazuya’s devil persona, Jin’s devil form can create a projectile move.