Can you go to USA with Huawei phone?

Can you go to USA with Huawei phone?

– We’ve updated our advice for those who have a Huawei phone or who may buy one in future. (Pocket-lint) – As a result of a ban on trading with the US, Huawei can’t preload new release phones with Google apps like Maps and YouTube, the Google Play Store or Google Assistant.

Can you use the Huawei P30 Pro in the US?

Here’s how. Even with the turmoil, Huawei’s P30 Pro is still available to buy in the US.

Is it possible to buy a Huawei phone in the USA?

Answer Wiki. Yes, I think you misunderstand what’s happening. As an AMERICAN person, and you can BUY a Huawei phone right now.. you can order the phone on Huawei’s or Honor’s website (Honor is the same brand as Huawei) or on Amazon and have it shipped to your house in the USA.

Do phones from other countries work in the USA?

Yes, if the phones are not locked to a specific countries carrier which is unavailable in the USA they will work. Even if they are locked to a specific carrier one can always root the phone and install a custom ROM this will solve that issue.

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Why can’t the US government use Huawei phones?

It’s just that GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS aren’t ALLOWED to use a Huawei or ZTE phone (or any Chinese brand phone for that matter) due to security risks (UNPROVEN claim however).. and a differen… Yes, of course. Huawei are the world’s largest supplier of mobile network equipment and it’s here where the problem lies with them.

Why is Huawei banned in the United States?

What is banned is Google licensing the OS to Huawei. Huawei can continue to use Android as it is an open source system, but without the licensing, they can’t pre-install Google services or Google play on the phones and they won’t get the latest updates. As far as your choice of what phone to bring with you to the US, is has no affect whatsoever.