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Can you get money back if you write a check?

Can you get money back if you write a check?

You usually can’t get your money back if someone fills in his or her own name and cashes the check. If you lose a check you have signed without filling in the name of the recipient, you should stop payment on the check to try to prevent it from being cashed.

Can you stop payment on a check to a contractor?

Another legal issue related to check stop payments is that of breach of contract. For instance, the contract may require the person to issue payment for a product or services on a certain date. If they make the payment with a check, but put a stop on the payment, they might cause a breach of contract situation.

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Are deposits to contractors refundable?

If a payment constitutes a deposit, then the general rule is that the deposit is non-refundable upon breach of contract. As such, if the buyer fails to perform the contract or pulls out of the purchase, the buyer has no right to the return of the deposit if the seller terminates for the buyer’s repudiatory conduct.

What can you do if a contractor doesn’t finish the job?

If the job is incomplete and a solution cannot be found, you could stop paying the contractor, fire your contractor and/or hire another contractor to complete the job (remember to keep a paper trail of work completed and costs). 6. File a complaint with a local government agency, like the Consumer Beware List.

Can I get check back from bank?

A financial institution may return the check if you ask the bank to stop payment, if the recipient tries to deposit it months after the date written on the front, or if you post-date a check. And if any critical information is missing on the check, such as a signature, the bank might reject it then, too.

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Can you ask a contractor for a refund?

File a Complaint with the State Depending on your state, contractors in the construction industry are required to have a license in order to operate a business legally. This could prompt the contractor to return what is owed to you.