Can I mobile deposit a substitute check?

Can I mobile deposit a substitute check?

The Check 21 Act, which was enacted in 2004, authorizes the use of a “substitute check” — an electronic reproduction of the front and back of the original check. As a result, a bank may permit its customers to scan checks and deposit them electronically using the bank’s mobile deposit app.

Can you deposit any size check?

How big of a check can you write? There is no dollar limit on personal checks. As long as the funds are available in your bank account, and a personal check is an accepted method of payment, you can write a check for any amount.

How can I deposit an eCheck without printing?

What ways can I deposit an eCheck?

  1. Remote Deposit, or taking a picture of the eCheck through your banks mobile app.
  2. Deposits made at an ATM utilizing OCR technology.
  3. Inside the branch with a teller.

How do I endorse a substitute check?

The substitute check must accurately represent the MICR line of the original check. The substitute check must bear the legend “This is a LEGAL COPY of your check. You can use it the same way you would use the original check.” The financial institution or processor must provide a warranty for the substitute check.

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How should I deposit a large check?

When depositing a large check or amount of cash, you’ll complete a deposit slip at your bank, like you would for smaller amounts. Note the amount for cash and for checks, if any, and the overall amount in the appropriate boxes.

Can I still cash a check if I wrote for mobile Deposit Only?

The short answer is no. I have had checks rejected electronically typically because of either a poor image or some electronic glitch. The best solution would be to take in to your bank and deposit via a teller who would either as you to endorse it or would stamp it with the words “Deposit to the credit of the payee.”

Do banks accept eChecks?

Will banks accept my Deluxe eChecks? Yes. Deluxe eChecks are exactly like any other check accepted by your bank. If your bank does have questions, they can simply follow the directions on the check to verify its authenticity.

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Can you deposit a check sent through email?

Checks cannot be emailed because that would mean that the check is a copy, not the original, and you will need the original to deposit the check. The bank will in all likelihood view it as fraud if you try to deposit a copy of a check. It’s essentially a form of counterfeiting.