Can I get life insurance if im obese?

Can I get life insurance if im obese?

You generally have to be extremely obese to be too fat to buy life insurance and face declines from multiple companies. You could still get covered if you had access to group life insurance at work. Your health or weight aren’t considered when the employer pays for the coverage.

Is obesity a pre existing condition for insurance?

Unfortunately, obesity is not considered a pre-existing condition, so insurers can charge higher premiums when providing health insurance for obese people. Generally, people with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher can expect to pay more each month for health insurance.

Does BMI matter for life insurance?

Life Insurance Companies Use BMI to Estimate How Much Your Policy Will Cost. While companies do consider your BMI, they don’t use it to set your final price. Carriers each have their own guidelines for height and weight that they use to assign term life insurance rates based on underwriting statistics.

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Can you be denied life insurance due to weight?

You can certainly be denied life insurance with some companies due to weight, but that does not mean you cannot get life insurance at all. There are a handful of companies that do not ask any height or weight questions, so all that matters is that your health fits their guidelines.

Does obesity affect life insurance premiums?

If you’re shopping around for life insurance, you’ve probably heard that obesity and other health factors can affect your premium price. It’s true – life insurance companies do consider your health when determining the price of your life insurance, and obesity is a part of that.

Can I get health insurance if I’m obese?

Of course, you should fully expect to pay a higher premium than someone who is at a healthy weight. Even if you are obese, the general state of your health will be a major factor. If obesity is your only health condition, then your application will likely be approved.

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Can I get cheap life insurance if I’m overweight?

Overweight people typically aren’t disqualified from getting cheap life insurance based upon their weight alone, but because of other issues related to their build. Height and weight limits in this chart are based on the underwriting guidelines for Metropolitan Life.