Can I get into med school with a BA in chemistry?

Can I get into med school with a BA in chemistry?

Yes. Your major itself does not matter as much as how well you do in your pre-requisite classes and on the MCAT for admissions into medical school in the US. Originally Answered: Can I get accepted into medical school with a B.A. degree in chemistry? You can get accepted so long as you have all the prerequisites.

Can I go into medicine with a chemistry degree?

If you want to study medicine, it’s crucial that you pick the right A-levels. Entry requirements do vary, but to get a medical degree you must study chemistry at A-level. Your grades in these subjects are usually going to have to be high as well – medicine is highly competitive.

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Is BS chemistry a good pre-med course?

Chemistry can also be a pre-med or pre-law course. Entry level salaries are slightly lower compared to, let’s say, a chemical engineer. But as you move up the ladder, salary gets better. There is career growth and fulfillment here, so yes, definitely recommendable!

Can I get into medical school with any bachelor’s degree?

You can use any undergraduate degree to prepare for medical school, but some degrees make your life easier than others.

Do you need 4 A levels for medicine?

This number is usually three or four A level subjects, and most medical school offers will be AAA to AAAB, depending on the number of subjects you have taken. Taking four A-levels may be a way to demonstrate your academic ability but don’t take on more than three if any more will impinge on how well you can perform.

What can I do with BSc chemistry?

Here are the most popular career options after BSc Chemistry:

  • Safety Health and Environment Specialist.
  • Professor or Tutor.
  • Lab Assistant.
  • Scientific Data Entry Specialist.
  • Research & Development Manager.
  • Product Officer.
  • Production Chemist.
  • Water Quality Chemist.