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Can I eat a chocolate bar after wisdom teeth removal?

Can I eat a chocolate bar after wisdom teeth removal?

But beware of things like chocolate chips and cookie pieces. Combining sugar with harder ingredients will be detrimental to the healing of your teeth.

Can I eat chocolate after tooth extraction?

But don’t eat too much sweet stuff while you’re recuperating. Remember, you still have your remaining teeth to think of. And if you just want something a bit lighter, you can always grab an angel food cake and eat it with some fruit sauce and whipped cream.

What sweets can I eat after tooth extraction?

When it comes to eating something sweet, stick with ice cream, pudding or popsicles for a few days. Remember that after tooth extractions, you will need to continue to eat a healthy and well-balanced meal in order to increase your body’s ability to recover.

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Can I eat chocolate chip cookies after wisdom teeth removal?

Avoid these foods after wisdom teeth surgery: Chewy foods – It takes more time to consume chewy foods. In the process, you can irritate the surgical sites. Crunchy foods – Apples, pears, chips, cookies, nuts—even uncooked vegetables like carrots or celery—can get stuck in the wound area, irritate it, and delay healing.

Can I have hot chocolate after wisdom teeth removal?

Cranberry sauce, either homemade or straight from the can. Soft breads, muffins and butter. Eggnog, hot chocolate, peppermint milkshakes, banana smoothies, white chocolate mochas and more. Just remember — drink straight from the glass — DO NOT use a straw!

Can I eat chocolate chip ice cream after wisdom teeth removal?

Ice Cream: After having a minor surgery, it’s okay to treat yourself with a little sweet. The coolness will not only feel good, but it will also help sooth inflamed tissue. Try to avoid eating cones and flavors of ice cream with large chunks in them like chocolate chips and nuts.

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Can I eat a biscuit after wisdom teeth removal?

Chips, cookies, and nuts can also be too difficult to chew after oral surgery. Even if you dunk your cookies in milk, they will still be too tough for your tender mouth and teeth to chew.

When can I eat cookies after wisdom teeth?

Because you must avoid solid food for at least one week after your surgery, you need to ensure you are getting enough nutrients for your body. Try to plan and stock up on nutritious soups and broths. Ensure that you have enough food to eat after wisdom teeth removal that is soft and nutritious.