Can I do Kheerganga trek alone?

Can I do Kheerganga trek alone?

Then starts my trek to kheerganga . I was fully excited and happy that finally i am to make a new experience of solo trekking and a beautiful trek of 13km . I started trek around 12:30 pm and keep on moving . first 4 kilometers are sunny.

Can we do Kheerganga trek without guide?

No a guide is not required. The trail to kheerganga is quite crowded any season. A camp may cost you maximum 500 Rs for 4 people. Book it before u start trek ,although getting a camp after reaching is also not impossible.

Can you do Kheerganga trek a day?

I went to kheerganga on a solo trek in September . Started from barshaini and took me approximately 4 hours to reach the top . Because of the timing of the year there were nice apple trees along the way .

Which mountain range is visible from Tosh?

Drive to Tosh, the last village in the Parvati valley (30km; 4hrs from Kasol at 1,640m; the last 3km stretch from Barshaini is in terrible condition; there’s also a 45-min trekking trail to Tosh from Barshaini). Tosh boasts of some breathtaking views of the Himalayas.

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What is the height of Kheerganga?

13,000 feet
Also, the hot springs feel especially good because the temperatures are quite cool, thanks to the whopping altitude of Kheerganga, which is 13,000 feet above sea level. It’s highly recommend that you spend a night at the camp, tucked amidst the majestic mountains.

How to reach kheerganga from Kalga?

From Kalga there is a different trek route to go to Kheerganga, although it joins the main route halfway on the trek. This route passes through dense forests and it is quite possible for people to lose their way on this trekking path to Kheerganga.

What are the best trekking spots from Kasol for beginners?

The total distance of Kheerganga trek is about 13-14 km and hence makes it an ideal trekking spot for beginners and first-time trekkers. You could enjoy the not so tiring trek while treating your eyes with breathtaking views of the mountain. This makes it one of the best treks from Kasol.

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How to plan a trek to Kheerganga?

Planning the trek to Kheerganga : Since it is likely that one will reach Barshaini by 11 am – 12 noon (if the bus connection to and from Bhuntar works fine), most people trek to Kheerganga on the same day. The time taken to trek to Kheerganga is usually 3 to 4 hours depending on an average person’s speed.

How to reach kheerganga from Tosh village?

There is a different trekking path for Kheerganga from Tosh village. It also joins Route No. 1 near the village of Nakthan. This route is mostly used by tourists who stay in Tosh for the night and want to trek the next morning. Tosh nallah or Tosh river flows by near Tosh village which joins Parvati river near Pulga.