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Can I change place of birth in Indian passport?

Can I change place of birth in Indian passport?

To change the date/place of birth in the passport, you have to apply for a “Re-issue” of passport and get the specified change done in the personal particulars.

What if place of birth is wrong on Indian passport?

If the error requires change of date and / or place of birth in the passport, you have to follow the same process as required for re-issue of passport. You can apply either in person or by post and apply to a VFS Global application center depending on your Jurisdiction. Mainly you have to submit the required documents.

How can I change my birth place in birth certificate in India?

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Apply In-Person:

  1. Applicant shall approach their respective municipalities/the department office from where they obtained birth certificate.
  2. Obtain ‘Birth Certificate Update/correction Form’ from the respective counter or write in a paper to apply.

Why do passports have place of birth?

US Passports The POB designation is an integral part of establishing an individual’s identity. It distinguishes that individual from other persons with similar names and/or dates of birth, and helps identify claimants attempting to use another person’s identity.

Can I change my date of birth on my passport?

You can accept the date of birth if it’s shown on the customer’s British passport (unless this is an Old Blue passport). If the customer’s old passport and application shows 1 January, you must not offer to change the date of birth (day and month).

How can I change my DOB in 10th Marksheet?

You cannot change your date of birth in your class 10th certificate, the only way out for you is to get a fresh birth certificate by writing an application to the municipal officer that your birth certificate was not issued at the time of birth due to you being born in a remote area.

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Can you change place of birth on passport?

If the customer wants their passport to show a place of birth that is different to the one shown on their naturalisation or registration certificate, you must tell them to contact UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to get the certificate changed. We will not change it on the passport, until they do.

What should I put for place of birth?

Should you put your residence of birth (your family home at the time) or the specific location of the hospital you were born in? In this case, you must enter the county or municipality that you were born in rather than where you lived. This will usually be where the hospital you were born in was located.

Can I have my passport delivered to a different address?

We won’t normally return your passport to an address that is different from your current address. If you want it delivered to a different address, please explain why and give the other address in section 8. We may ask you for evidence of your link to that address.

How to change the date of birth in an Indian passport?

Please check with the Embassy/Consulate/Passport Application Center in your jurisdiction for the required information. Below is the fee structure for change of date and / or place of birth in an Indian Passport. The fee is subject to change without prior notice.

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What happens if you put the wrong date of birth on passport?

If such a thing happens, you can contact the passport issuing authority or passport officer and request for rectifying the wrong date of birth in the passport. They will issue a new passport with the corrected date of birth. If the mistake happens from passport authority, they will issue a new passport without any fee.

How can I get a place of birth certificate for passport?

You can reapply for passport (renew for correction) and submit the certificate for place of birth verification. Through online, fix an appointment after depositing requisite fee and that will be done.

Can Indian passport be issued to a person born outside India?

Indian passport can be issued to the “Citizen of India by Descent” i.e. person born to Indian parent (s) outside India subject to fulfillment of provisions in the Citizenship Act, 1955. Dependent Family Members of Government/PSU/Statutory body employees Q25: