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Can a barometer be used to find the height of a place?

Can a barometer be used to find the height of a place?

barometer, device used to measure atmospheric pressure. Because atmospheric pressure changes with distance above or below sea level, a barometer can also be used to measure altitude. There are two main types of barometers: mercury and aneroid.

How would you use a barometer to determine the height of the Eiffel Tower?

The student provided a different, and also correct answer: “Take the barometer to the top of the building. Attach a long rope to it, lower the barometer to the street, then bring it up, measuring the length of the rope. The length of the rope is the height of the building.”

At what height does a barometer measure atmospheric pressure?

10.3 m
Due to water’s significantly lower density, a water barometer at sea level needs to be much taller, 10.3 m (33.8 ft), and fitting it inside a building is more difficult.

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How do you find the height of the atmosphere?

As a function of temperature the scale height of Earth’s atmosphere is therefore 1.38/(4.808×9.81)×103 = 29.26 m/deg. This yields the following scale heights for representative air temperatures.

How do you find height with pressure?

Pressure is the weight of the fluid mg divided by the area A supporting it (the area of the bottom of the container): P=mgA P = mg A . P=hρg P = h ρ g , where P is the pressure, h is the height of the liquid, ρ is the density of the liquid, and g is the acceleration due to gravity.

How can you measure your height?

Measure from the floor to the pencil mark with a measuring tape.

  1. If your measuring tape is too short to measure your full height, measure as high as you can and make a pencil mark on the wall.
  2. Note the measurement.
  3. Keep measuring this until you reach the pencil mark you made using the box.
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How do you scale height?

The scale height is related to the temperature (T) and mean molecular mass (m) of the atmosphere by the formula H = kT/mg where k is Boltzmann’s constant and g is the gravitational acceleration of the body.