Are Zoisite and Kunzite a couple?

Are Zoisite and Kunzite a couple?

He’s also deeply devoted to his partner, Kunzite, a fact the show reveals without fanfare. Kunzite’s first appearance is not shocking because he and Zoisite are lovers, but because it reveals someone more powerful in the Dark Kingdom that our heroes will eventually have to face.

Is Codename Sailor V canon?

I would put the Sailor V somewhere on the same level of canon as I would the Sailor Moon movies with respect to the anime: they’re very close in terms of story and they overlap on a lot of details, but they simply cannot fit in continuity-wise.

Are Sailor V and Sailor Moon the same?

Minako is introduced as the protagonist of Naoko Takeuchi’s much-shorter manga series Codename: Sailor V, the predecessor to Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. In it (and the early part of Sailor Moon), she goes by the pseudonym Sailor V (セーラーV, Sērā V), short for “Venus”, and is given a personal backstory.

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Are Sailor V and Sailor Venus the same person?

Sailor V is mentioned in the manga and anime before she finally appears as Sailor Venus. So of the five original Sailor Scouts, Sailor Venus has been fighting evil the longest. In the anime, she worked alone in England fighting against the forces of the Dark Agency.

Was Zoisite a man?

Zoycite (or “Zoisite”) is the love interest of Malachite (“Kunzite”) in the first Sailor Moon series. Zoisite goes into both gender categories for being a male in the original Japanese version, and a female in English.

Is Usagi the moon princess?

Fans know Sailor Moon is only the most recent reincarnation of Princess Serenity, the woman destined to lead the Moon Kingdom. She’s also known as Usagi Tsukino in her new life as a teenage girl on Earth. Though Usagi is the Moon Princess, she’s her own person that some fans still have questions about.

Is Sailor Venus stronger than Sailor Moon?

Before joining with the Sailor Scouts, she carried the role as Sailor V. Even though Sailor Moon is the one who would defeat their enemies, Sailor Venus is the leader of Inner Sailor Scouts. Other than Sailor Moon, she is the most powerful out of them.

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Why is Sailor Moon banned in China?

It has been reported by EJI Insight that the Chinese Government is banning 62 manga series including Sailor Moon. The Government has shut down 10 web sites which had Japanese anime or manga content because they were said to induce teenagers to engage in violence and pornography.