Are all Nintendo franchises in the same universe?

Are all Nintendo franchises in the same universe?

According to an official statement by Nintendo, All of the Nintendo games are happening in the exact same universe. Not only that, but characters ( like Star Fox) even evolve from Pokémon.

Are Mario and Legend of Zelda in the same universe?

and The Legend of Zelda, have largely existed in completely separate continuities. However, a new theory surfacing online suggests that both video game series take place in the same universe and that Mario and his extensive supporting cast have dark, evolutionary origins.

Do Mario and Sonic live in the same universe?

They are both on the same planet that has fantasy versions of Beijing, Vancouver and London. In his own games Sonic’s story still takes on not Earth and the Mario series is a modular franchise with a very loose continuity to begin with.

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Are F Zero and Metroid in the same universe?

It’s really only natural that Metroid, F-zero, and Kirby would exist in the same universe. Mii Force (a Streetpass game) is somewhere between F-zero and Metroid as humans start exploring the cosmos. With this expansion towards space, the human race reaches a new era of prosperity.

Is Wario Ware in the Mario universe?

Mario & Wario is a game that has them both in color. They have Diamond City in Mario Kart Arcade. They have to be in the same universe or even a multiverse if you prefer. Just because Wario characters never show up with Mario characters might just mean they are just far away from each other.

What came out first Mario or Zelda?

Zelda was released five months after Super Mario Bros.3, but development of The Legend of Zelda began first. 3.

Is Super Smash Bros canon?

As Sakuria said, the events of the Smash Bros universe aren’t canon. The Smash Bros characters are a bunch of toys brought to life by the Master Hand’s imagination. The characters in Smash Bros still have all their memories from their past games, however. Just an alternate crossover universe.

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Is Smash Bros an alternate universe?

universe: The “default” universe, this represents the Smash Bros. games themselves and accompanies all appearances of characters and stages that are thematically original to the fighting games themselves.

Is Diamond City in the Mushroom Kingdom?

The Mushroom Kingdom, Star Haven, as well as all the lands are featured in Super Mario Bros. 3, are all a part of the Mushroom World. It is however, harder to determine if places in the Donkey Kong series such as the DK Isles or Crocodile Isle or in the WarioWare series (Diamond City) are located on Mushroom World.

Is Super Mario Land canon?

Unlike many other franchises, the Mario franchise and its many spin-off series do not have an officially recognized canon.

Is link a Mario?

REDMOND, Wash. — Nintendo announced today that the iconic character Link, star of The Legend of Zelda, has the last name “Mario,” identical to the company’s other flagship star, Mario Mario. “Link’s full canonical name is and has always been Link Mario,” said Doug Bowser today in a video uploaded across social media.

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What is the first Zelda game called?

The Legend of Zelda
The Legend of Zelda, the first game of the series, was first released in Japan on February 21, 1986, on the Famicom Disk System.